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Around Cornerstone: News

The Path To Cornerstone- An Unexpected Journey

Hello, Cornerstone. We are Jessica and Adam Harrison and we have six children, Kaylee 14, Anniston 12, Noa Grace 9, Shiloh 6, Caleb 3, and Justus 1. Our family is new to Cornerstone this year, and we have joined the Cornerstone family for many reasons. We have primarily homeschooled because we are a family that has always been passionate about missions and are always looking for a new adventure with the Lord. We absolutely love camping, going for long hikes, meeting new people to share our testimony with, and are most satisfied when we are together. We wanted to create an environment for our children to know God intimately through sharing His love with others. We were beyond excited when we were given the opportunity to express this part of God’s heart and serve as missionaries to Southeast Asia in 2017-2018.     

Hearts Ready To Serve

As a part of our call specifically to the Philippines, we helped build a FIRE School of Ministry, taught in the school, preached in many different regions surrounding the city we were living in, and also served in the local feeding program. There were many challenges to renovate and build a new school in the Philippines, but thankfully the Filipino people are so light-hearted and laid back. They have a saying that, “Life is just better in the Philippines!” This is not because things happen quickly or easily in this country. They choose to be happy, even when things get difficult. This was so good for our hearts as we learned to do some of the hardest things with the best attitude. Carrying lumber and doors in small cars called jeepneys, or even holding building materials and tools on the back of a motorcycle are just a few of those challenges we faced during construction. In most cases, there weren't power tools or air conditioning, and the majority of the labor was done by current students. They came with a heart ready to serve and a smile on their faces. 

Joy in Agdao 

One of our favorite places to be during our time spent overseas was in an impoverished city called Agdao. It was such a joy for us to have the opportunity to love on their babies, play games with the children, and even join Bible studies with the women when they would meet. It was also such an honor to teach at the school of ministry and gather with other Filipinos for Sunday morning worship in one of the local malls.

Trusting His Plan

Living overseas, our hunger for missions only intensified. Our time on the mission field was full of excitement, tears, challenges, and mostly a new nearness to the Father’s heart as we found ourselves being emptied out through serving, yet filled with His love and compassion for others. Upon our return home, we decided to sell our house, and move back to the Philippines as full-time missionaries. Our house sold quickly, and our plans seemed to change just a fast with the 2019 pandemic shutting down the borders. With no one being permitted to enter the Philippines, our family made the decision to stay here in the states. During this transition, our family established our roots in Emerson, GA, and found Cornerstone Prep along the way. 

As far as ministry here in the states, my husband is an ordained pastor through our sending agency for missions, and we have led a small church for almost two years, continuing to network closely with other missionaries, and also taking any opportunity to share in other churches.

Striving For Excellence

Cornerstone has been such a great fit for our family! We absolutely love that the atmosphere is yielded to the Holy Spirit, and that everything is done with Christ at the center. School and education are such an important part of raising our children to strive for excellence, and the University-Model® has helped to create a strong work ethic. Cornerstone has also provided a safe place where our children, Kaylee (9th) and Anniston (7th), express their deep love for Christ as they learn. Kaylee and Anniston said the biggest transition from online homeschool to the University-Model has been having teachers that care about their success. “It’s been a lot of work, and it’s hard work, but we enjoy it. This has been the best part of our school experience so far! We absolutely love having teachers to help and encourage us.”  We are excited for this wonderful school year ahead! 

Through small class sizes, an abundance of student activities, and intentional parent partnership, Cornerstone is more than just a school. It’s a family. To find out more about the The University-Model®, please click here



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