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Welcome to Cornerstone! 2022-23 New Faculty and Staff

As the days of summer are winding down for our families, preparations for the new school year have long been underway. One of the most exciting things about the new school year is getting to know the new families and new faculty that join our school community. Each year our administrative team and current faculty pray diligently for the Lord to bring our way exceptionally gifted educators who love the Lord and are able to make Him known through their curricular subject matter and in their relationships with peers and students. 

We hope you will help us welcome this year’s new faculty members. Some are current members of our school community who are taking on the challenges of the classroom and some are truly new to Cornerstone. We are awed at the Lord’s provision and look forward to the year ahead. 

Click on each faculty member’s name to read more about their educational background, hometown, interesting facts about them, and what they enjoy doing when they’re not at Cornerstone! 

Elementary pictured from left to right:

Standing: Betsi Mallouk, Tracie Satcher, Lauren Williams, Megan Caskey

Seated: Kelsie Hood, Emily Jones, Deena Dickerson, Shannon Howard, Lauren Reese 

Not Pictured: Trina Alleyne


Trina Alleyne- 3rd/4th Grade Bible, 5th/6th Grade Cougars Care

Megan Caskey- Art Electives 

Deena Dickerson- 4th Grade History / Keyboarding & Technology Electives

Kelsie Hood- School Counselor

Shannon Howard- 5th/6th History 

Emily Jones- Kindergarten

Betsi Mallouk- 3rd Grade English and History, Cheer Elective

Lauren Reese- Drama and Musical Theatre Electives

Tracie Satcher- 1st Grade

Lauren Walker- 2nd Grade English & History

Secondary pictured from left to right:

Standing: Shelly Pope, Irina Cabrera, Shane Williams, Torre Stanfill

Seated: Kelsie Hood, Sharon Carmichael, Karen Benson, Shannon Howard


Karen Benson- Algebra I

Irina Cabrera- Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Sharon Carmichael- 7th Grade English 

Kelsie Hood- School Counselor 

Shannon Howard- 8th Grade Science

Shelly Pope- 9th Grade Physical Science 

Torre Stanfill- Middle School/High School Musical Theatre

Shane Williams- Understanding the Faith, Understanding the Times, Physics, Engineering Electives

All of these wonderful new staff members look forward to becoming part of our community and partnering with our parents. Please join us in welcoming them to the Cornerstone family and visit the Meet Our Staff page for more information.

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