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Science Is Worth Exploring!

Science Is Worth Exploring!

Parents, staff, and fellow students saw some great presentations at our 6th grade science fair. The students worked on the project for eight weeks and were encouraged to pick an experiment based on a question they wanted to learn more about, or that would be useful in their lives or their families' in some way. The following awards were distributed:

  • Best Overall Projects: 
    • Oscar Ahrens spent hours and hours bird watching and used a very controlled method to test which bird seed Georgia birds preferred the most! Oscar's hard work and dedication also earned him the student favorite pick among all of his classmates. 
    • Percy Gjertsen's experiment was to determine which sports drink has the most electrolytes? Using a multimeter, a 9 volt battery and some copper wires, he tested the strength of electrolytes in various sports drinks. Gatorade won by a landslide!  
  • Highest Ranking of Superior* went to:
    • Oscar Ahrens
    • Isaak Alleyne
    • Percy Gjertsen
    • Addison Lee
    • Max Roginsky
    • Taylor Walker 

*Superior indicated the students that had the most challenging, involved scientific experiments and display boards.

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