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Around Cornerstone: News

Noble Cusick's Eagle Project Blesses Our Campus and Honors Our Founder

When the Farm to Fork program was coming together Mrs. Pitzer wanted to plant blackberries. She spoke with founder, Jeanne Borders, and Jeanne made mention of how she loved blueberries and how wonderful it would be to have some blueberries in the garden. Mrs. Pitzer planted her blackberries but never got around to planting blueberries. At Jeanne’s memorial, Mrs. Pitzer brought a single blueberry bush as a memorial to Jeanne. 

Noble Cusick (12) began speaking with school administration about doing his Eagle project at Cornerstone in his Junior year. It was then that he heard the story about the blueberry bush and Jeanne’s desire to have them in the garden. It was a perfect project idea - not only would it be beneficial to the Farm to Fork program but also a lovely tribute to Jeanne Borders.

God’s hand was all over this project and the blessings went beyond the initial scope. Noble set up a GoFundMe and was able to raise approximately $1,200. Hickory Flat Home Depot's donation of all his hard scape supplies was a huge blessing. After purchasing the rest of the needed supplies, he ended up with a surplus of over $200 which will be donated back to the Farm to Fork program. Thank you, Noble for your donation and congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout.

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