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Parent Teacher Fellowship Painted With A Purpose

We want to thank PTF parent and staff member, Megan Caskey, for sharing a wonderful devotion and painting project for over 25 parents at our most recent Parent Teacher Felllowship meeting!

Mrs. Caskey shared, "We painted a church, surrounded by flowers. The painting was inspired by artist Tricia Robinsons 'In the Garden' painting. Tricia is a Christian artist, and is one of my favorites. She says all of her paintings use “wonky” lines, which I love. I love how beautiful, yet imperfect her paintings are. I love how this painting reminds me that the church is made up of imperfect people, but we have a perfect God. He created so much beauty through creation, and the creation of His church."  Click here for the the lyrics to the hymn that inspired Tricia’s 'In the Garden Painting'.