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We Were Taken To A Whole New World!

We Were Taken To A Whole New World!

Thank you to our amazing Musical Theatre Company for transporting us to a "whole new world" last weekend with their performance of "Aladdin JR". Click here to see the magic.

Cornerstone families, thank you for supporting our Fine Arts program and enjoying some delicious sweets at Scoops during the evening of our performances. You raised $220 to be used for sound equipment for future productions.

In Other News

Cornerstone Seniors Leave A Legacy

Graduation day is getting closer for the class of 2024. They’re busy applying for colleges and jobs to begin the next chapter in their lives. But when their high school reunion comes around, what will they be remembered for? What was their senior legacy? At Cornerstone, we want all our graduating students to see they can leave a God-honoring legacy. Therefore, we require a Senior Legacy capstone project to show them they can. Today we’re sharing just a few of this year’s projects. You’ll be amazed at what these young adults accomplished and how their efforts will continue to impact generations.

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