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The Best School in the World


Class of 2017 Alum Victoria Pace shares her Cornerstone experience. Victoria is a freshman at Lee University and her major is advertising with a minor in graphic design. 

Starting at Cornerstone in August 2014, I had no idea of the impact it would one day make in my life. Now I am in the second semester of my freshman year at Lee University, and I cannot be more grateful for Cornerstone Preparatory Academy. 

I quickly became aware during my first month at Lee of the effect that Cornerstone had on me.The first week of my college experience, I realized that I had somewhat of an obvious advantage to my peers.  My time at Cornerstone truly pushed me into new challenges which seemed frustrating then, yet now I am so thankful for it all. 

The teachers at Cornerstone saw my potential and encouraged me to work harder and accomplish things I did not see as possible. Being a typical high school student, I was quick to complain when the teachers pushed me to try harder and become a more complex writer or thinker overall. Now, I see that this has allowed me to easily write papers for my professors, which often seem simple compared to what was required at Cornerstone. 

Classes like Tools for College Success, Leadership and Life Calling, and Worldviews prepared me to become acclimated to campus life and Cornerstone’s overall structure allowed for an almost seamless transition into university life.  

The IMPACT trips ignited in me a love for other cultures, travel, and showed me a calling to missions. But being a student at Cornerstone meant more than having an excellent education, it also provided a community that encourages my personal, spiritual, and educational growth. 

I will say it again and probably a hundred times more while I’m at Lee, Cornerstone Preparatory Academy was crucial in preparing me for college. The atmosphere and relationships have allowed me to excel and push for higher goals.

Cornerstone will always have a special place in my heart and, in my eyes, is the best school in the world. 

To learn how your child can attend Cornerstone and experience "the best school in the world", click here.