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Around Cornerstone: News

A Very Special Elementary Christmas Chapel

Pastorn Nolan's Devotional

Well, it’s been a minute! There for a while, I was writing to you every day, and so I had to follow up on a blog post from Tuesday, March 24. You may not remember, but I wrote the following words:

What’s something I currently want to do, you ask? This is going to sound super silly, but it’s true...I want to learn how to breakdance! (I’ll pause while you are laughing...it’s pretty funny even to me! You good?) 

Do you remember? I’m sure when you read it back in March you laughed out loud at the thought of a 39 year old breakdancing! Well, guess what? This 40 year old has started taking lessons!

Trying Something New

Thankfully a special Cornerstone family believed in my dreams of one day breakdancing! The Bussiere family bought me hip hop lessons at Rockwell Dance Academy, which is just 3 minutes from the school. WHAT? I couldn’t believe it and neither could anyone else. I know this to be true because everyone I told laughed out loud! 

When I originally expressed my interest to breakdance, I was in my 30’s and maybe learning a new dance, breakdancing at that, sounded somewhat feasible. But when I turned 40 this past August you would have thought I had hit retirement and needed a wheelchair! Family members, friends, co-workers, and even my own children poked fun, in love, of course. And to be honest, I felt older! 

No Excuses

But I was excited and realized that there were no excuses for me not to learn a new skill….I am going to learn how to breakdance or literally break something trying! 

I walked into Rockwell Dance Academy to sign up for my classes never expecting what was about to happen! I introduced myself to a small group of adults who were meeting in the foyer. I told them who I was, how old I was, and that I wanted to document my lessons for a fun follow up blog for my school.

To my surprise they said “OH YES!” They were all very excited and we immediately started brainstorming how we could make this memorable for the students here at Cornerstone. 

We thought it would be amazing if I could perform a breakdance routine at the last elementary chapel of the semester. This meant I would be performing in a little over 10 DAYS from our first meeting!

Rockwell Dance Academy Crew

Challenge Accepted

December 4th rolled around as did my first lesson. I met Honey, the owner and director of Rockwell, at the dance studio. I let her know the limitations I have based on how my body refuses to cooperate most days.

It didn’t seem to deter her and she reassured me, “You’ve got this, I can already tell you are going to be great!” I laughed out loud. “Ok, Honey, challenge accepted!” Before that first session was over I could barely breathe and I thought I might throw up. Wowser….I’m out of shape!

During my first week of breakdance lessons, I found out that breakdancing is a new Olympic sport! They must have heard that I started taking lessons! 

During this lesson, I also met Firefli. He is pretty incredible and is currently qualifying for the Olympics.  He flips and breaks and pops all over the floor. Firefli was a big part of helping me prepare for my performance, the performance that was going to be in front of the whole elementary school and everyone watching online! 

We realized something was missing from my breakdancing experience. I was learning from two professionals, Honey and Firefli (not their real names.) Everyone who dances hip hop has a hip hop nickname and I definitely needed a hip hop name.  Feel free to now call me Pastor B Smooth! **Ok, stop laughing again! 

On my fourth lesson, I was running through my full routine! Crazy! I couldn’t believe that I was breakdancing. Now, don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m brand new and it’s a sloppy mess, but I’m doing it! I was so proud of myself and happy to accomplish something new in my 40’s! 

It made me realize that you are never too old to learn new things. 

These lessons have also reminded me that there are fun ways to exercise and stay healthy. I would much rather spend an hour in a dance studio over a boring treadmill in my basement. Plus, the treadmill is so dusty….someone should really start using that thing! 

It’s now performance time!   What in the world was I thinking?? Am I going to totally embarrass myself? Undoubtedly so! But you know what?  Just the thought of the joy students will have at the sight of me doing a “booty spin”(the official name of one of my moves) is worth all the embarrassment! 

click here to watch pastor nolan's live performance 

Grateful for His Goodness

When I started writing the Cougar Quarantine Blog I never thought I would write forty devotions! What a trip this year has been! Who would have known all that would transpire? Well….God knew!

He knows all things, right? So in trusting Him with this life, I choose happiness, laughter (even at my expense), and fun over sadness, tears, and fears. 

We serve a great God who has great things in store for us, no matter what year it is. I’m thankful for all the blessings He pours out even in my complaints. I’m thankful for the ability to be at school and do what I love. I’m thankful for every student I’ve been able to minister to and every parent I’ve been able to pray with. I’m thankful for His goodness in all the heartache. And recently, I’m SUPER thankful for Biofreeze!

“In all things, give thanks!”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas break celebrating the birth of our Savior. Together, praise the Lord for every blessing. Pray together. Play games together. Watch Christmas movies together. Enjoy every moment! And then as a Christmas gift, watch my Chapel performance (above) and practice vlog (below) together and have a laugh, at my expense.

click here to watch pastor nolan's practice vlog

Rockwell Dance Academy is a local family-owned business. Rockwell is owned and directed by Honey Rockwell who is a legendary b-girl from the Bronx. Honey, and her b-boy husband, Orko, started Rockwell Dance Academy because they felt excited and blessed to be able to contribute to the culture by performing and teaching workshops, as well as master classes, to the youth worldwide. Their family-friendly dance studio has a goal to preserve the original essence of hip hop dance and they believe that dance is about peace, love, unity, and having fun!  

Rockwell Dance Academy at 4400 Baker Grove Rd NW, Suite 220, in Acworth. Stop by or give Honey a call at (678) 360-8809. Tell them your friend, Pastor B Smooth, sent you!  

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