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Around Cornerstone: News

“Be Still”- A Cornerstone Teacher’s Story of Survival

The verse that has become both my battle cry and my whispered prayer the past few months.

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Meredith Pitts and I absolutely love being at Cornerstone on Tuesdays and Thursdays teaching third-grade history and electives. I work at our church in the mornings, get to Cornerstone Prep after lunch, hang out with some awesome kiddos, work alongside some amazing teachers, and then head home for an evening with my family. Tuesday, March 30, 2021, was no different. All three of my children were with me that day - Jackson (8th), Natalie (5th), and Davis (2nd). We pulled into our carport at about 5:00 pm. I sent the kids inside and then left to get pizza for supper. 

That’s the last thing I remember.

According to the police report, I was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver just a few miles from my home. I do have a few scattered memories from that evening - not being able to breathe, confusion, kind voices, and capable hands. My chart from Kennestone says it was a Tier 1 trauma, the highest-ranking.

Most concerning were collapsed lungs, two broken femurs, damaged carotid artery, cracked vertebrate, and a lacerated liver. Chest tubes were inserted and surgery to repair the femurs was performed two days later. I spent six days in ICU, three days in a regular hospital room, and 12 days in an in-patient rehab unit.  


But the Lord has fought for me. 

Through emergency responders, kind strangers, doctors, nurses, family, friends, and our community. The quick response of bystanders and Paulding County at the scene no doubt kept the severity of my injuries from being worse. I had excellent care at every point at Kennestone Hospital! My husband, Christian, has selflessly taken care of me, our kids, and our household. My parents and sisters have graciously stepped in when it's been too much for one person. Close friends have helped chauffeur me and the kids and have tried to keep things as “normal” as possible. Our community - including friends, church, and YOU Cornerstone! - have brought meals, sent gifts and cards, and prayed for us. 

Since the accident and in different ways, I have been forced to be still.

In the ICU, I needed to lie in bed so that my liver, carotid artery, vertebrate, and surgery incisions could start to heal. In rehab, I was learning to use my left leg again, but I had to keep weight off my right leg for eight weeks post-surgery so that it could heal. I was in the hospital for those three weeks while Easter, Spring Break, and school continued on for my family, friends, and students; but I couldn’t be there. After coming home, daily life was still happening around me but I couldn’t be a part of most of it. Field trips, Mother/Son Game Day, parties, finals, Field Day, saying goodbye to my students - I couldn’t participate. Summer plans have been reorganized or postponed. I’ve had to be “still.”

Christian and Meredith Pitts with their children, Jackson, Natalie, and Davis. 

Being “still” continues to be a part of my recovery, though it looks more like waiting now. I have Sixth Nerve Palsy in my left eye. The nerve is healing but it's not back to normal yet. The muscles in my legs are weak. I’m in physical therapy three times a week and am reliant on a cane to help me get around. I go for another scan at the end of the month to check on my carotid artery.  

But I KNOW that He continues to fight for me. 

You all have helped to sustain us and I know the Lord has used you to fight for me.  Please accept our most sincere THANK YOU!  

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” 

Exodus 14:14

We're eagerly anticipating Mrs. Pitts return to campus in August teaching third grade history. Click here to send her your well wishes as she continues to make a full recovery!


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