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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Gives Parents Choice for Off-Campus Learning

This is an unprecedented time for schools and school administrators. The administration here at Cornerstone recognizes that some families need the flexibility of keeping their students at home during these times of uncertainty. 

The off-campus learner option allows us to support extenuating health needs and continue an uninterrupted partnership through a learning model consistent with on-campus rigor and expectations. This format will make it possible for the student to seamlessly rejoin on-campus instruction at such time determined by the family.  

The Off-Campus Format

The distance learning format includes full instruction in all core classes covering the same material as in-person classes. 

Distance learning instruction may include independent learning lesson plans, live sessions via Zoom or Google Meet, and pre-recorded lessons provided by the teachers. Teachers also continue to check in with students weekly, and supplemental information such as slideshows and notes are provided as needed. 

We are also able to stream Chapel so off-campus students can join in our worship time when we gather together. 

Cornerstone off-campus learners are held to the same academic requirements as in-person students. The instruction is set at the same pace as in-person instruction, thereby ensuring our students receive strong educational instruction while remaining at home. 

Engaged and Connected

Our Cornerstone teachers are doing an excellent job adapting and finding ways to make sure our off-campus students feel more engaged and connected to their classes. 

Elementary teacher Mandy Starnes is using every opportunity to include her 4th-grade off-campus students.

Mrs. Starnes with her 4th Grade On and Off- Campus Students 

“I'm generally a technologically-challenged person, so I was worried about how to meet the needs of my off-campus learners,” said Starnes. “After three weeks of school, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it!”

“Two weeks ago, our off-campus learners joined us via Google Meet for a science experiment.” continued Starnes. “They had all of the materials they needed at home, and they performed the experiment at home right along with our on-campus students.”

“Last week, they joined us again to plant lima beans at home as we planted seeds in class. We've also had off-campus learners share Amazing Animal Facts live online with our on-campus learners. The on-campus students absolutely love seeing and saying hello to their off-campus friends!”  

Learning At Home

Cornerstone 8th-grade student Sara Provost says the adjustment to off-campus learning has been fairly easy. 

“My teachers have been wonderful in reaching out to me and I’m very grateful for them! I’ve also been talking with my friends via Google Hangouts,” said Provost.  

Off-Campus Student Sara Provost

The off-campus students in eighth grade have become quite resourceful. They created a chat on Google Hangouts, and it’s their ‘hub’ where they can ask each other questions about how to find a Google Meet link or when an assignment is due. 

“I like at-home learning very much," added Provost. "If I want, I can stay in my penguin pajama pants all day! I do miss being on-campus, though, and I’ll definitely get back as soon as I can!”

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