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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Siblings Find Success on the Track

Cornerstone siblings, Aubrey (10) and Evan Douglass (6) don't just ride their bikes together, they race them. We recently caught up with The Douglass Family and asked them to introduce us to the world of BMX!

BMX Goes Global 

Please allow us to introduce you to the world’s most amazing, yet mostly unheard of or misunderstood sport, BMX!! BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Moto-Cross which began as a competitive sport in the mid to late 1980s in California. What began as a few neighborhood kids seeing who could ride their Schwinn bicycles the fastest through a few trails in the woods has now become a full-fledged Olympic Sport with incredible venues around the globe and competitors throughout the world ages 1-80.  

Meant To Be

As a family, we were introduced to BMX in one of the oddest ways imaginable. We moved right next to a BMX track! We had no idea when we purchased our home in Powder Springs that a true World Class BMX facility was less than 500 yards from our front door. 

Once per year, Cobb County BMX hosts a National BMX Race called the Dixieland Nationals. Riders, parents, vendors, novice and pro athletes alike come to race in Powder Springs. The typical rider count is between 500 and 1,000, and the race takes place over a period of three days. Multiple classes and ages of riders determine who and how many times each rider will race over the course of those three days. A computer system sorts all the entries based on age and proficiency. This system is commonly referred to as “The Moto Maker”. Riders are classed into Novice (Beginner), Intermediate, and Expert based on the number of race wins each rider may have in their race career. 

In It To Win It 

Evan has been racing a little over 4 years. After winning 10 races as a Novice and 20 races as an Intermediate, he moved up to Expert Class in 2018 when he was 9 years old. At “local races”, he typically competes against 5 other riders that are his same age and proficiency. At national events (like described above) he will compete head to head with up to 40 other riders with only 8 making the main event. He loves to win races but is just as happy and content to ride hard, fast, and jump his bicycle. Evan added, "my favorite thing about BMX is getting to go on all of the adventures when we travel for races!”


Aubrey began her racing career just two short years ago and has already achieved Expert Class! While BMX is mostly comprised of boys and men, there are specific Girls’ and Women’s Classes. Prior to becoming an Expert Girl, Aubrey raced a mix of boys and girls of similar age and proficiency. After 10 wins as a Novice rider and 10 wins as an Intermediate rider, she made the move up to Expert Girls where she currently is in the 15-16 Expert Girls class. Because there are so few girls in BMX overall, at “Local Races” Aubrey races against 15-year-old boys, which is a challenge, but she never quits, never backs down, and ALWAYS lets them know that she’s in it to win it!  "My favorite part of BMX is meeting new people and having them offer encouragement to me, even though we just met, said Aubrey."

No One Sits on the Bench

A few of the common threads in BMX are “No One Sits On The Bench” meaning every single rider has an opportunity to go onto the track and compete for the win on that day. 

Another phrase you’ll hear is, “You’re a Hero or a Zero” which is based solely on your own performance and preparation. 

These couple of threads run deep in the sport and translate directly into real life. Climbing onto your bicycle in front of hundreds and THOUSANDS of people watching, putting on your “game face” and pushing as hard and as fast as possible for 45 seconds results in an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Exactly as it is in “Real Life”. 

The Cornerstone Difference

Our family has fully enjoyed and benefited from being a part of our local BMX program, and we have mutually benefited from being a part of Cornerstone Preparatory Academy where Aubrey has attended since 2nd Grade and Evan has attended since Kindergarten. Cornerstone is an amazing school and provides a core curriculum that meets and exceeds state standards, as well as those we seek in our own family. Moral code, ethics, accountability, friendships, and an overall sense of being welcomed as a part of the family. 

Both Evan and Aubrey race for SSquared Bicycle Company, based in Florida. The company has BMX teams in 15 States. You can click here to check out the SSquared Georgia BMX Race Teams Facebook Page. This page has interesting and fun updates on the Georgia Team and we would be more than happy to introduce you to the world’s greatest sport!


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