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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Sixth Grade Student Has His Act Together

Setting The Stage

Carson Gray, a sixth-grade student at Cornerstone, started his acting and modeling career as a background actor when he was eight years old. He was part of a group of background actors for a major motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne that was filmed here in Atlanta. He was chosen to work some amusement park scenes that were filmed at Six Flags. It was a long, hot day and as he wrapped that night, he didn’t want to leave. He was hooked! 

Getting In On The Act

After his parents started doing some research, they sent his picture to a local modeling agency. They were very interested and after meeting with them, they signed a contract. Later that year, he was booked on an episode of Dolly Parton’s Netflix Series, as the son of a main character.    

A Hard Act To Follow

He continued to do some background work in other shows and movies filming around Atlanta, and in the fall of 2019, he booked a lead role in a short independent film. This was filmed over a few weekends in different locations around Atlanta with very long and late-night hours in the cold, but he loved every minute of it! 

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

Last month, his most recent film was selected as part of the Cobb International Film Festival and Carson got to walk the red carpet with the cast and crew along with some of his best Cornerstone friends that came out to support him.

Cast and Crew on the Red Carpet at the 7th Annual Cobb International Film Festival

A Balancing Act

Carson, who has been at Cornerstone Prep since first grade, feels very blessed to have found Cornerstone. When he first started, Carson was working above grade level and that was not only encouraged but also accommodated to meet his needs. The fact that Carson is getting a private, Christian school education at an affordable price is not something the Gray family takes for granted.  

“The flexibility at Cornerstone allows Carson to work ahead or work on set when needed. My husband and I both work full-time, and although I work from home, we love how Cornerstone is teaching students to be independent workers and prepares them for their college years and beyond,” added his mom, Malisa. “They are learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. There is such a sense of family at Cornerstone that you feel every time you walk into the building. We know that everyone has the student’s best interest at heart.”

Carson getting instruction from the director during a quick break from filming.

In The Limelight

In addition to TV and movies, Carson has also been in a couple of Belk commercials and recently shot a commercial for Yamaha Motorsports where he got to ride a 4-wheeler for a few days in Tennessee! 

He keeps very busy with auditions that include major movies filming in various locations all around the world. With the help of his agents and acting coaches, he’s very hopeful to book one of these in the near future. 

Click here to read more about Carson’s impressive resume.     

Interested in how the flexibility of University-Model® School can work for your family?  Click here to find out more.    

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