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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Sixth-Grade Student is a Class Act

In 2013 when he was just four years old, Cornerstone sixth-grade student Cruz Abelita had his acting debut in a major motion picture. He has since filmed over a dozen commercials, is featured in a network television show, and is in a current feature film. 

Right away it’s easy to see why Cruz is an endearing and successful child actor. Described as loyal, loving, giving, and athletic, Cruz puts his faith in God to lead him on his journey. 

“Cruz is a very kind-hearted student who works hard to give his best effort,” said Cornerstone sixth-grade teacher Ginger Braund. “He consistently has a positive attitude and is friendly to all his classmates. It is a pleasure to have him in class.” 

Of the dozen commercials he has worked on, his favorite was for Bojangles because he got to work with his sister Sophia, an eighth-grade student at Cornerstone.   

How did you get started in acting?

My mom is an entertainment publicist, and she knew of the reputable agencies in town. I signed with an agent and have been professionally acting for TV and film for five years.

How long have you attended Cornerstone?

This is my second year at Cornerstone. My sister and I love it so much. Everyone has been so kind, and it really feels like a family here. 

How does the University-Model of schooling help your family? 

I have several auditions a week. Right now everything is virtual, which helps, but having some flexibility is critical for our family. Production works with us, and we try to schedule my filming on my home days. I have to learn pages and pages of dialogue, so having the ability to work ahead (or finish early) on school work is really nice! 

What's up next for you? 

I have a small part in a Christmas movie that airs on Netflix on Nov 22. I continue to audition like crazy, so you may see me in another movie or TV series very soon! 

To learn more about Cruz and his growing resume click here.

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