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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Sophomore Finds Creative Way to Support Our School

Sophomore Noble Cusick, who began attending Cornerstone in first grade, has been hard at work completing a Boy Scout project that will advance his ranking from Star Scout to Life Scout. We recently had the opportunity to interview Cusick about his advantageous project. 

Scout’s Honor

I joined Boy Scout Troop 723 ten years ago, and this project is a requirement for me to rank up from Star Scout to Life Scout. I needed to do community service that had a conservation focus. I am working toward Eagle Scout. The distinction of “Eagle Scout'' was founded over 100 years ago and only four percent of Boy Scouts are granted this rank. It requires that Scouts earn at least 21 merit badges and also involves a very lengthy review process.   

The Water Garden 

My project involves diverting natural spring water that bubbles up in the garden near the greenhouse. The water is dammed up and then piped into containers that have water, plants, and fish in them. The overflow water runs out to the drainage area and can be collected to use in watering the garden. Throughout this process, I have learned how to budget, plan, and organize. This has definitely prepared me for my Eagle Scout project. 

Identifying Problems & Creating Solutions

Cornerstone Farm2Fork teacher, Mrs. Pitzer, initially had the idea. She told us that she wanted to salvage the water in any way we could. Mr. Lines, the school landscape manager, gave us the idea of creating a garden that would collect the water and divert it. Mrs. Pitzer adds, “I love the way Noble took a problem we had and made it so beautiful! I am going to enjoy having the water for plants this summer!” 

It Takes a Village 

My mom, dad, and I all worked on the project together.  In total, the project took about eight hours of physical work to complete. 

Reaping The Rewards

I think that anyone who uses the garden area would benefit the most from my project. Anytime they need clean water, they can go over to the water garden and gather water from the overflow. It's also quite nice just to sit and enjoy the plants, the fish, and the sound of the trickling water.  

Looking Ahead 

I am planning on maintaining this project for the duration of my time at Cornerstone. However, once I graduate, I will need someone to take over its care. In addition to my planning and implementation of this incredible project that is an environmental asset to Cornerstone, I keep busy with many other activities including swimming almost daily with my club team, Tidal Wave. After graduation, I plan to continue swimming, hopefully at the college level!    

I encourage Cornerstone students to look for creative ways to support our school. Find a way to leave a legacy and make things better for the students that come after you.

We are so inspired by Noble Cusick and we hope he also inspires you to make a difference in your community. Whether it’s a substantial project like his, or something on a smaller scale, each of us can find ways to make a difference and leave a legacy.  










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