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Around Cornerstone: News

Cornerstone Student Earns Spot at National Competition

Made popular by the TV series, American Ninja Warrior (ANW) is the ultimate obstacle course. If you’ve ever watched the show, you know it’s an incredible display of strength, balance, grit, and stamina.  

This past December, Brooks Beber, a ninth-grade student at Cornerstone Prep, earned a spot to compete in regional finals for the National Ninja League. 

Up to the Challenge

“My family and I were watching American Ninja Warrior one evening and we saw someone from Marietta who competed and he said he just opened a local gym so we went to check it out,” said Beber.  That was six years ago and Beber still trains 2-3 days a week at Ninja Quest Fitness in Marietta.  

Beber has made it to the National Finals the past four years and has gotten the opportunity to compete in: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, and California. Competitions consist of 20- 50 competitors and the hosting gym will set up a course. They walk through the rules of what is and isn’t acceptable, then each competitor will run the course while being timed. Whoever makes it the furthest the fastest without falling wins.

“The people of the sport are all really great,” Beber said of competing as a Ninja Warrior. “Everyone cheers each other on and we all just have a good time.”   

Enjoying the Flexibility 

Beber appreciates the flexible schedule that the University-Model® of schooling offers. “With the school schedule just being on campus three days a week, it gives me the freedom on my days at home to get to the gym easier.”   

More Than A Competition

Aside from the thrill of competing, something amazingly unexpected has come out of the sport.  It became a mission field for Beber and an opportunity to reach others who don’t know Jesus.  

“A group of us from Ninja Quest started a Bible study where a few of my really good friends have dedicated their life to Christ. It is just really exciting to see that transformation take place inside of these people that I've known for so long.”

His mother, Sue Beber, is proud of his perspective. 

“This sport has taught Brooks to not take it all too seriously. Because even though he puts a lot of effort into it, he could fall anywhere on the course and be done. He has learned to have joy and even laugh at himself sometimes. It has taught him not to worry about the outcome, but to focus more on the one thing that is truly important. Jesus.”


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