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Around Cornerstone: News

Cross-Country Coach Jenny Ostell Celebrates a Decade of Excellence

Cornerstone Prep Head Cross-Country Coach Jenny Ostell is an athlete. Her love of sports and competition drew her to coaching many years ago.  

Coach Ostell was a sophomore in high school when a classmate invited her to join the cross-country team. She was a gymnast at the time with no running experience. She was also the new kid in town, and in the spirit of all things new, she said "yes." 

A few decades later, that yes still runs on. 

Ostell, now in her 10th year as the cross-country head coach, enjoys the satisfaction of watching her runners improve from one year to the next. 

Cornerstone’s Head Cross Country Coach Jenny Ostell (far right) along with the 2019-20 Cross Country Team

In 2010, Cornerstone’s first cross-country team had 11 secondary runners. Two years later, an elementary team was added, and four little runners began the junior program. One of those runners is still on the team today and received his first varsity letter this year!  

Over the past 10 years, Ostell has coached many talented athletes, which she said has built a foundation for success with past, present, and future Cornerstone runners. The team has grown quite a bit in numbers, and the program has produced some very fine athletes that range from recreational runners to collegiate cross-country recruits. 

To the runners she coaches and their parents, she is truly the heart of the program. 

“Coach Jenny is always helping me improve on my running technique in an encouraging way," said eighth-grader David Baines. "This is so helpful especially because I am not a great runner, but through hard work and Ms. Jenny's help, I have improved.”

Cross-country practices are fun and incorporate speed drills, hills, and distance runs. Race days give them the opportunity to set goals and achieve personal accomplishments. Some of these impressive outcomes can be seen on the cross-country record board hanging outside the gym wall. The numbers represent so much more than a race time - behind each result is hard work, dedication, endurance built, power, strength, and speed. 

Ostell added, “I’m proud of my runners and as their coach I’m honored to be a small part of the story that is behind each of those race times. It’s a true pleasure to see my runners develop and grow over the years. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to coach here at Cornerstone.”

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