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Around Cornerstone: News

Home is Where the Farm Is

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man.” -George Washington 

The Crump Family

Hello Cornerstone Family, we’re Jasen and Jennifer Crump. We have five children, our oldest child, Eli is a senior at Cornerstone Prep, and we are first-generation cattle farmers. We raise grass-fed black Angus beef cattle. 

We live in Walker County, located between Calhoun and Dalton just west of HWY 75. Jasen and I both grew up in Bartow County. Jasen bought his first cow when he was just 17 years old. He has always had a passion for farming and basically doing anything that involves being outside. We began learning about the cattle industry by farming family land and leasing land from retired farmers for over 15 years in Bartow County. We always dreamed of owning our own farm, so when we found the farm we own now, we knew it was perfect for us. Over the years, we have learned so much about farming from family, friends, and neighbors, and we're so thankful for their help.

Today, we currently farm around 120 acres of grassland. We raise purebred grass-fed Angus cattle and have a hay operation where we produce hay for our own cattle and we sell some hay to customers at times. Our cattle are raised strictly on grass as close to the way that God intended them to be, and we market our grass-fed beef to customers for their families. Producing enough hay for our cattle requires an enormous amount of work and it takes all of us to step in and help. We bale approximately 275 round bales each year and each bale weighs around 1200 lbs.

Balancing Act

Our oldest son Eli, who is a senior at Cornerstone, and his brother Sam (14) play a huge role in our day-to-day operations. Eli’s schedule at Cornerstone allows him to work on the farm and help out with the daily operations. Both Eli and Sam began operating farm equipment at around 12 or 13 years old and currently both boys help cut, fluff, rake, and bale hay each year on the farm. In addition to cutting hay, the boy’s farm chores include mending and building fences, maintaining clean fence rows, checking on the cattle daily, and ensuring the cattle remain healthy. 

Eli has a YouTube channel, “Crump Farms” which highlights some of his responsibilities on the farm. Our three younger children, Ava Grace (12), Lyla Faith (10), and Jase (7) are also a big help around the farm. They enjoy checking on the new baby calves each day, and they also love getting the fresh vegetables from our garden that we have each year. 

The Value of Hard Work

Farming has been great for our family. We have learned so much together in our journey and we hope and pray that we have shared with our children what God has created for us, the value of hard work, a love for the outdoors, and just how important family really is. Our hope is to build a legacy in the Ag industry that some of our children will choose to continue. We really enjoy what we do and feel so blessed to know that we help feed other families with our farm providing the highest quality of beef possible. As a family, we strive to be good stewards of the land. Thank you for letting us share a little about our family and our passion for raising healthy beef and children that love and serve the Lord.

The Staveness Family 

A few months ago I started Googling, "Can you feed apples to a cow?” I needed to find out this very important answer because we had just moved to a farm in Cartersville from our home in Kennesaw. Hi, we're Eric and Jaime Staveness, our daughters, Brooklyn (3rd) and Arabella (K) both attend Cornerstone. 

Snakes, and Bats, and Coyotes, Oh My!

As we looked for a new home, the list of things we wished for was quite long. More land, a place for my mom on the same property, waterfront, and within 30 minutes of our current location near Kennesaw State University. 

Cows, a donkey, and land to bale hay were not on the list. Five-foot snakes, bats hanging on the pool rocks, an injured fawn, an abandoned baby bird, coyotes, and mice were definitely not on the list! We've knocked down a wasps nest. Brooklyn, our 3rd grader, wanted to keep it to hatch the baby wasps. We've also caught a snake!  Arabella, our Kindergartener, even wanted to keep him!  I’m so excited for our girls to grow up on the farm; snakes, wasps, and all.  

Education with a Biblical Worldview 

Cornerstone Prep is the perfect place for our children. When we first started researching where to send our oldest we looked everywhere from public, to private, to co-op, until we found Cornerstone, it's really the perfect mix. How thankful we are to have the opportunity to be in a unique and amazing school model with a biblical worldview!

The Navigators

One of the reasons Eric and I were so passionate about our girls going to a school with a biblical worldview, was our experience watching freshmen year after year step onto a college campus as we watched how their background had led them to where they were in their faith, or lack thereof. For almost 10 years, we were missionaries with The Navigators, a ministry for college students. Every year we would meet hundreds of students and hear so many stories about their faith journey. We loved being with The Navigators because of their focus on one-to-one discipleship. Finding out a student's worldview was important since our worldview ultimately creates our behavior. We would get to the heart of what was really going on, and share how Jesus truly viewed them.

We loved our time with The Navigators, but God took us in a different direction. Five years ago, Eric and I started a custom furniture and barn door company. Eric is the artist, and I do what I can to help. 

A Place to Breathe 

So what is the dream for this new farm life we fell into? We’re kind of making it up as we go. We’ve thought of a million ideas from hosting goat yoga classes to planting acres of sunflower fields. We met the goals of having a family compound, more land, and being on the water (the farm is on the Etowah river). We’re enjoying all of that now, and we hope to move toward a more self-sustaining homestead lifestyle. 2020 and 2021 helped us see that we wanted to slow our lives down enough to really enjoy each other as a family and spend more time staring at nature than our technology. We found a place where we can breathe and see God’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets every day. And don’t even get me started on the stars.

Interested in learning more about University Model ® Schooling and the flexibility it offers?  Click here and be sure to join us at our next information meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7.




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