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Around Cornerstone: News

Mrs. Pitzer Cultivates Garden-Based Learning Experiences
As summer slowly creeps into view, our school garden is about to be in full swing. The Cornerstone garden is an ever-evolving place of wonder. Right now it is filled with the beautiful white flowers that will soon be juicy, sweet blackberries. Big stalks of curly kale and thyme flowers are also abundantly present. 

Our raised beds will soon be filled with lively tomatoes and large stalks of okra. It will be eager to see the hands of Cornerstone students once again working the dirt and creating the wonderful bounty God so previously created for us to enjoy.   

As with anything, time and practice leads to change. Next year we are excited to take the garden to another level as our Cornerstone teachers will be using the garden within their classroom as a teaching tool.

“We hope to enrich the learning experience of the vast majority of students at Cornerstone by using the garden in ways it’s never seen before,” explained Mrs. Pitzer, Farm2Fork teacher. "Learning will come alive for the student and the teacher when they are in a school garden, literally and figuratively. This environment can and will create a dynamic, ever-changing natural atmosphere for any student to learn and thrive in. Whether it’s language arts, history, or even Spanish class, the garden offers so many aspects to learning. Using food as a teaching tool has lifetime advantages to promote and instill healthy habits.”

Mrs. Pitzer has returned to elementary and will continue to teach Farm2Fork classes from 1st grade through 12th grade. She will also be working closely with fellow teachers to create supplemental lessons and activities that will increase opportunities for innovative platforms to teach core concepts.  

Mr. Upham, a secondary Cornerstone father, will continue to provide help and muscle in the garden regularly, so you and your student will probably see him out there helping as needed.  

Pitzer is excited about all these wonderful additions and added, “We look forward to implementing this next year and hope that your child will have a lasting love for all things in nature that God created for us.”