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Around Cornerstone: News

Remembering Blythe Speer

Today, our Cornerstone family planted a field of pinwheels in honor of Blythe’s joyful, playful, and friendly spirit. We placed these in the ground symbolizing our firm position in Christ as well as our confidence in His daily recurring loving-kindness, that by the power of His Holy Spirit, we are lifted out of our grief into a life filled with joy and purpose. 

It is good for us to remember what we loved about Blythe and the memories we have with her because our fellowship with her is not over. We asked her friends and teachers who knew her well, to briefly share a memory of Blythe or a characteristic that they loved about her as we dedicate this week’s Chronicle in her memory.  

Share in these memories of Blythe Speer: a beloved friend, classmate, and student of the Class of 2023. 


The light of Blythe’s memory continues to burn brightly in our hearts. The family has established the Blythe Madelynne Speer Foundation as a way to continue to honor Blythe’s life and legacy. 



















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