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Around Cornerstone: News

Time Well Spent

We’re the Sellors Family! We have three boys ranging in age from 17 months to 6 years. I work part-time as a writer and my husband is an audio engineer. Cornerstone is our first brush with what I like to call “real” school since we’ve spent the last three years at a local private church program. 

Like many moms, I strive to find balance. Finding time to spend with each child is one that tugs at my heart the most. When looking for an elementary school for Jet, I didn’t want him to be away from home for so many hours. I also wanted us as his parents to remain the primary source of influence in his life; I wanted to be a part of his education, making sure our values as a family were a part of his education. But I didn’t really know what other options were out there besides homeschooling. I knew I didn’t have the confidence to pursue that path so I sort of lost hope that I would find this unicorn until someone told me about Cornerstone. 

The first few weeks I did struggle, but not with the model, but rather my mindset of what school was “supposed” to look like. When do other moms do school with their kids? How do they keep kids focused? What do they do with their other kids when schooling one child? 

From the support I received from other moms in the class, I came to an epiphany. It’s not about logging hours, getting it done, or checking boxes. It’s about building confidence through learning; in short, it’s about quality over quantity. 

The University Model® allows me to focus on my son as a child of God and not solely a 1st-grade student.

Our relationship has deepened, and he’s surprised me by how much he knows. In no other school do you get the opportunity to not only see what your child learns, but HOW they learn. 

It’s easy to get caught in the morality of schooling/education. You did a “good” job. You got a “bad” grade. But at the core of it all, that’s not the aim of education. I always think back to the word discipline, which at the root is to disciple, to teach. I remind myself of this truth as often as I can when sitting by his side, guiding him through multiplication facts, or listening to him sound out new words. Because the reality of it all is that what matters is our relationship with our children and our relationship with God. Put those at the forefront of your day and you’d be surprised by the outcome.     

But even on my best days, I can still fail from the get-go and that’s when I learned to “reset the day.” Maybe the baby is sick, maybe we’re just in a mood. When we do school on our own time, we have time to reset. We don’t have to forage on, sacrificing precious learning moments for the sake of “covering” material. The timeline is ours to set. That’s really freeing. 

For us, we’ve found our groove- for now- once we prioritized our values as a family and structured our day in a way that fits our season of life right now.

What I love best is the flexibility of the entire model. You do school how it fits your family. We believe we’re planting the seed for these qualities in education through the University-Model. From our first few months, we can already see that this model is a true partnership. I feel supported and confident; something that I feared I would not experience. 

To find out more about how the University-Model can work for your family, please click here and be sure to join us on campus at our next information meeting on Wednesday, January 26 at 9 a.m. No reservations are required. 


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