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Around Cornerstone: News

University-Model® Schooling Through The Seasons

Just because something is challenging, doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely worth it. This week, we’ve asked long-time Cornerstone family, the Walls, to take an honest look at the ups and downs of University-Model® schooling in this encouraging and uplifting read. We pray you’ll be reminded that these school years are about so much more than academics. They are for capturing hearts and training character. 

One of the things I love most about the Lord is His ability and willingness to direct my steps, regardless of my mind’s plans. (Proverbs 16:9)  I look back over the last 12 years that we’ve had our kids in school at Cornerstone Prep, and I see God’s hand absolutely all over it.

We're Brad and Stacey Wall, and we have four really great kids. Our son, Jake, is 19 and a proud Cornerstone Prep graduate. Our daughters are Reese, who is a senior, Avery, a sophomore, and Emma, our sweet caboose, is a 6th grader.

From left to right: Avery, Emma, Reese, and Jake 

Having multiple children enrolled at a school like Cornerstone Prep brings with it very unique challenges. I say “unique challenges,” when who am I kidding….let me keep it real and say it can just be plain HARD at times.

I remember well in those years, when I had a second-, fourth-, and sixth-grader at home doing school on the same days, thinking I was going to lose my mind. I called my mom or my poor husband once or twice a week in a complete puddle of stress and fatigue, feeling so overwhelmed with the task at hand. 

It seems ridiculous to think about now that I’m floating around with two girls in secondary and one very independent sixth-grader, but those challenging years are forever etched in my mind.

The awesome, miraculous thing about the Lord is that He intertwines His goodness with the difficult.

In the middle of the hard, in the days that I was keenly aware of my own inadequacy, in the weeks where the fifth-grader could not identify the predicate noun if their life depended on it, in the saturation of my tears, God’s presence nearly overwhelmed me. 

As hard as those years were, it was as if He had me by the nape of the neck, firmly but gently holding me exactly where He wanted me to be in training these kids for His kingdom.

You see, those school years were about so much more than academics. They were for capturing hearts and training character. I can’t count the number of heart conversations I had with my son at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning, the kind of talks you would stop the world for. I’m so thankful for the early mornings, with my sleepy-eyed girls in their flannel pajamas, and the times we were able to talk about how to handle friendship issues, and the stability that comes from having every other day at home, with Mom…the ultimate truth-teller.

You can count of the faithfulness of God to direct your steps.  

His direction doesn’t always mean a smooth road, but He guarantees His presence, despite what you think or feel. Our callings in the specifics are different. We have our own race to run. Put blinders on, don’t look left or right, but instead, keep your eyes fixed on Him, the author, and perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Lean into Him, shamelessly admit your weakness to Him, pray for His presence to fill your home, and trust Him to write your kids’ stories.

After all… they are His, you are just the steward.

We all go through seasons, some more challenging than others. We encourage you to find community and fellowship with other Cornerstone parents at our next PTF meeting, tomorrow, Oct. 14 from 8:30 - 9:30 am. Elementary and secondary parents are welcome. There are no fees or membership, and you're welcome to bring your little ones!

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