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Around Cornerstone: News

Young Entrepreneur Is As Bright As a Button

Benjamin Curry has big dreams, and he’s making them happen. Did we mention that he’s only 11 years old?  

For this Cornerstone 6th-grade entrepreneur with an eye for design, starting a business came naturally. 

“I started making buttons by placing designs onto paper, then carefully cutting them out and taping safety pins to the back,” he said.

Although this process was quite tedious and time-consuming, Ben knew once he had sold his first button, it was a business idea he could pursue!

Ben is learning the art of promotion and began by posting a sign advertising his business at his neighborhood pool. He also emailed his friends some pictures of the buttons he was making. But he’s found that the most successful way to advertise is by becoming a walking billboard. Ben’s school backpack is covered in buttons...what a great conversation starter! 

Cornerstone sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Braund isn’t a bit surprised by Ben’s success.

“Ben is a very attentive, hard-working student who always has a smile on his face," she said. "I am so proud of the initiative that he has shown by starting his own business!”

“I do all the designing,” Ben said, pointing to his backpack covered in all his unique creations. “My favorite buttons are the political and patriotic ones. I also have Cornerstone buttons available, and I can custom make any type of button, including names and pictures.”

The button business hasn’t always been smooth sailing; in fact, there was quite a bit to learn about the assembly process.

“When I first started, I cut the circles too small," he recalled. "I also learned that I needed to make the circles large enough so the edges would not show. Cutting them out perfectly was also a big challenge.”

Business is steady, he said, and Ben has even received some custom orders. Buttons are priced at $2 each with discounts offered around the holidays. Upcoming discounts include flag football season and Labor Day. 

Ben has some thoughts about furthering his business, including plans to create a Facebook page where customers can view all the available products as well as submit orders for custom buttons. 

But for now, Ben is reinvesting back into his business and designing even more buttons to add to his selection.

“This summer, I finally saved up enough money to purchase my very own button maker that my dad found online!”  

Ben also has some wise advice to pass on to fellow young entrepreneurs.

“I would really encourage others to start small and grow your business slowly. It takes time, but it’s worth it.” 

Email Ben if you are interested in supporting his button business and getting a custom button of your own!