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Around Cornerstone: News

Thanks for Supporting Ronald McDonald House with Pop Tabs

A great big thank you to all who are saving your pop tabs and dropping them off at Cornerstone! We were able to donate two great big bags of pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) this week!

When RMH receives a large amount of Pop Tabs, they take them to a recycling center. The money raised supports the operations at two Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses, the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, and Ronald McDonald Family Room. 

Please, keep popping and saving tabs from energy drinks, soup cans, or anything with a metallic tab and helping families with a very sick child to have a place to stay close to the hospital, allowing them to focus on the medical care of their child. 

Collect at home in a container or a baggy, then bring it to our collection container at school located in the Den. It's such an easy way to "help families stay close".

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