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Three Ways to Speed Up Your Chromebook

One of the reasons we here at Cornerstone love Chromebooks is their simplicity. I especially love their simplicity in that it allows me to easily troubleshoot issues. Here are three quick ways you can maintain your Chromebook to help it run faster and more efficiently.

1. Check and remove downloaded files. All Chromebooks have local storage on the actual Chromebook itself that isn't synced to Google Drive. If you keep a lot of files on your Chromebook's local storage, it can slow the device down. Simply open the Files app and go to Downloads. Then delete any files you don't need and move any files you do to Google Drive. Remember, all students have unlimited Google Drive storage while enrolled at Cornerstone.

2. Audit your Apps and Extensions. While many apps and extensions are used daily and are important to your workflow, they do take up a lot of your Chromebook's system resources. It's a good idea to periodically audit what apps and extensions you actually need and disable or delete the ones you don't. To do that, head over to your Chrome browser menu (top right-hand corner), select More Tools… > Extensions. From there you'll be able to disable an app or extension if you want to keep it but not use it for awhile or delete an app or extension.

3. Make sure Chrome OS is up to date. The good news is your Chromebook automatically checks for and downloads updates when connected to the internet. The bad news is you have to restart to update. Many of the issues I solve on a day-to-day basis involve updating the operating system (OS) by restarting a Chromebook. It's easy to do: when you see the "up" arrow, click to restart. More info here.

If you're still having issues with your Chromebook after these steps, try a Powerwash (aka Factory Reset). That will be the best way to ensure your Chromebook is back to its original settings, giving you a clean slate to work from. As always, if you have questions about your Chromebook, please reach out.